Frequently asked questions


Are pets allowed?

Pet are not allowed in the rooms.

How long in advance can I book an accommodation?

Reservations are accepted up to six months in advance. For later dates, please contact us by phone.

Can I make a reservation on the day?

Reservations can be made by phone and are subject to room availability.

Meals can only be reserved in advance.

Please tell me the facilities of the room.

All rooms are equipped with bedding (futon), air conditioning, TV, kettle, tea set, safe and small refrigerator. Tap water is available for drinking.

What are the amenities?

Bath towels, face towels, toothbrushes, razors, and yukata are available.

Are there beds?

All the rooms are Japanese-style tatami rooms and futons are available for all guests.

Does the room have a bathroom?

There is no toilet or bath in the rooms.

Please use the shared toilets on each floor, and the public bath on the first floor.

What time can I check-in?

Check-in is available from 15:00.

Please check-in by 20:00 for the plan with dinner and by 21:00 for the plan without dinner.

Check-in before 15:00 may be possible according to availability, please contact us in advance.

If you are late, please contact us. If you do not contact us within 2 hours of the scheduled check-in time, we may cancel your booking.

What time is check-out?

Check-out is by 10am

If you depart early in the morning, you will need to pay in advance, so please let us know.

I wish to cancel. Are there cancellation fees?

Free cancellation up to 4 days before.

The cancellation fee will be applied 3 days before your stay. The cancellation fee varies depending on the site you booked. Please check the reservation page or contact us.

What if I forgot to cancel?

If you forget to cancel (including forgetting to contact the accommodation you booked), or if you did not stay because you assumed that there was no reservation, we will treat it as cancellation.

In that case, according to the cancellation policy, the accommodation facility will inform and request the prescribed cancellation fee. The cancellation fee will be notified in the reservation confirmation email.

Can I smoke in my room?

Smoking is not allowed in all rooms.

Please use the designated areas on each floor. If you smoke in your room, you may be charged a cleaning fee.

Is there a baby bed?

Beds for babies are not provided.

Is there room service?

Room service is not provided.

Are there rooms for people with reduced mobility?

Wheelchair ramps are located at the entrance. In addition, there is a large private toilet that can be used in a wheelchair on the 1st floor. However, there are no other barrier-free facilities including rooms.

We do not provide wheelchairs.


Do you have a children' menu?

Dinner for elementary school students is possible and can be booked via the Internet.

Breakfast is the same for both adults and children. If you need infant meals, please contact the hotel directly. Baby food cannot be prepared, so please bring it with you.

A microwave oven is available in the kitchen.

Is there a restaurant on site?

The resort has an on-site restaurant, but advance reservations are required for breakfast and dinner.

Lunch is available from 11:30 to 14:00 (last order 13:30). Closed on Mondays.

Is there a restaurant with a private room?

There is no private room. The restaurant consists in one room.

Can wheelchair or stroller be used in the restaurant?


I have food allergies and dietary restrictions. Can you respond?

We will respond to allergies and dietary restrictions as much as possible so that you can enjoy your meal, so please consult us before making a reservation.

Please note that on-site reservations is not possible due to the location being remote.


Is there a microwave available?

There is no microwave available in the rooms. If needed, please ask the staff to use the microwave in the kitchen (until 21:00).

Is there a parking?

Free parking is available on-site. Please contact us in advance if you are driving a bus or other large vehicle.

Is there a coin laundry?

There is a coin laundry at the main building, available 24h.

Washing machine: one time for ¥300.

Dryer: ¥100/30 minutes.

Detergent sold at the reception.

Is there a vending machine?

There are vending machines for soft drinks outside the main entrance and vending machines for alcohol on the 2nd floor.

Is there a nursing room or place where I can change diapers?

There is no nursing room available.

Is there a smoking area?

The buildings are non-smoking. Please smoke at the designated areas.

I want to send my luggage in advance, what should I do?

Guests are required to contact the inn prior to shipping their luggage and send the following information to the shipping slip.


3869 Takase, Niyodogawa-cho, Agawa-gun, Kochi Prefecture

Akiba no Yado

TEL: 0889-32-2771

※Please enter your full name, the date of your stay, and the contact phone number in the special notice column.

※We cannot receive luggages outside opening hours. We are usually closed on Mondays, but the day may change. Please contact us beforehand.

Is there a service where I can leave my child?

We do not offer this service.

When is the public bath open? Is there shampoo?

The public bath is open from 17:00 to 21:00. Body soap and rinse-in shampoo are provided. Please bring towels from your room.

Is there a shop in the facility?

At the reception, we sell local sake and small items made by local people. We do not sell food.


Is there a supermarket close by?

There is a small store called Hashimoto 5 minutes away by car (closed on Sundays).

The big supermarket is located next to Ochi-cho, 30 minutes by car.

Convenience store Lawson is a 15-minute drive away.

Is there a gas station?

There is a gas station 5 minutes away by car (closed on Sunday; open from 7:00 to 19:00). Very few places open on Sundays and late night, so please prepare in advance.

Is there an ATM?

There is a post office about 5 minutes by car.

Convenience store Lawson is a 15-minute drive away.

General questions

Is there an elevator?

There is no elevator.

The rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors are accessible by stairs only. Please contact us in advance if you prefer a room on the 1st floor.

Is there internet?

Free Wi-Fi is available in the 1st floor lobby and dining room. However, it is currently not available in the rooms.

Are credit cards accepted?

You can use VISA, American Express, Master card, JCB, Diner’s club and Discover cards.

If you use a card other than the above, or you may not be able to use it, please contact us for details.

How to access the resort by public transportation?

It is not recommended to go to the property by public transport, as it is very inconvenient.

If you absolutely must, please come by the following method.

40min ride by Kuroiwa bus from Sagawa Station (nearest JR Dosan Line), get off at Moriguchibashi bus stop.

From there, it's a 40min walk to the resort.

There are only 4 buses from Sagawa Station to Moriguchibashi bus stop on weekdays, 2 buses on Sundays, and no buses on public holidays.

Please check the schedules beforehand.

Can I leave my luggage before check-in and after check-out?

Yes, guests can keep their luggage at the reception.

Please tell me about the storage of valuables.

Please use the safety deposit box available in rooms.

Does it snow?

Although is doesn't snow much in the area, the road may be frozen in the shade.

The property is located on a mountain, so we recommend that you prepare winter equipment such as studless tires.