Drink set: + 200円. Please check the drink menu on-site.

<Restaurant Niyodo’s recommendation>
・Niyodo mushroom burger
・Odo Dam curry
・Today’s lunch
Price(tax included) 820円~

<Set menu>
・Mix fries meal
・Fried chicken meal
・Fried shrimp meal
・Kid’s lunch
Price(tax included)650円~


<Light meals>

・Beef bowl (pickles, miso soup)

・Pork & ginger bowl (pickles, miso soup)

・Mapo tofu bowl (pickles, miso soup)

・Vegetable udon noodle

・Seaweed udon noodle

・Curry udon noodle

​・Meat udon noodle

Price(tax included) 500円~

※ For those who order udon, you can add 2 crispy rice balls for 150円.


Japanese breakfast using rice produced in Kochi.

Breakfast time: 7:30〜9:00
Japanese style breakfast served at the restaurant.

※ Breakfast is the same for adults and children.
※ No meals available for infants.

Price per person 860円 (tax included)


A rich variety of small dishes, blooming like a flower and delightful to the eye.

Dinner time: 18:30 ~ 21:00
Niyodo style dinner course served at the restaurant

Grilled salt amego fish from the clear streams of Shikoku,
Abundance of Kochi’s products of the sea and the mountain,
We provide our customers a delightful dinner. 
For the finale, dessert is served.

Price per person 1980円 (tax included)

※ Menu may vary according to seasons and purchase situation。

※ Special dinner course available for elementary school students.
※ For infants dinner, please contact us directly.


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