Beautiful and delicious made from local ingredients!

Carefully selected meat and local vegetables offered for BBQ.
Dinner course meal at the restaurant, serving plentiful of ingredients from Kochi.
We want to give you the freshest meals, so make sure to book in advance! (BBQ & dinner course)

Opening hours
Breakfast :7:30 ~ 9:30
Lunch       :11:30 ~ 14:00 (Tuesday ~ Friday)
Cafe          :9:30 ~ 17:00 (Tuesday ~ Saturday)
Dinner     :17:30 ~ 21:00 (Last order 20:30)

Restaurant Shimanto (Lunch & Cafe)


At Nature Resort in Shimanto, we serve lunch Western style, and we also have a cafe!

Homemade pasta】(Lunch time only)
・Today's lunch
・Spaghetti Napolitana

・Spaghetti Bolognese
* with salad, soup and coffee
Price(Tax included) 780円~

Set meals】(11:30~16:30)
・Fried rice with prawn (with soup)

・Ketchup rice with chicken(with soup)

・Special curry with rice(with soup)

・Udon nooodle(with 2 inari)
Price(Tax included) 600円~

・Black coffee

・Ice coffee 
・Hot cocoa

・Tapioca milk tea

・Soft drinks(Coca Cola, lemon squash、ginger ale、Calpis、orange juice, apple juice)
Price(Tax included) 220円~

・Today's dessert

・Today's ice cream
Price(Tax included)300



You have the choice between Western or Japanese style breakfast!

Japanese style
Grilled fish, pickles, rice, miso soup with a drink.
Western style
Scrambled egg, bacon or sausage, toast, salad, jam, butter, with a drink

Price(Tax included) 650円/pers (booking required 3 days in advance)
※ Menu is subject to change.

Shimanto Dinner course


Luxurious yet simple course dinner using special products around Kochi Prefecture and the Shimanto River. You can enjoy the simple yet complex flavor of each dish.

Have a moment of bliss at the Restaurant Shimanto in the main building.


Locally grown sweet tomato Caprese
Sweet mini tomato with mozzarella cheese, topped with basil oil.

Steamed egg custard and shrimp amuse
Appetizer with Shimanto river shrimp and egg tofu, refreshed with Japanese soup stock.

Roasted Shimanto turkey
Shimanto turkey raised in Nakatosa town, Onomi village. 
Turley meat is very healthy because high in protein with low calorie.

Fresh salad
Kochi prefecture fresh and diverse salad.

Tokoroten-agar noodle
Kochi's tokoroten has a slight freshness, using bonito soup stock.

Bonito fritter
Bonito fished in Nakatosa town: even fried, the juiciness is amazing.

Seared bonito (Katsuo-tataki)
Bought the day it was fished, have a taste of freshness that you can only have in Tosa.

Shimanto pork steak
Brand swine in Shimanto Town.Raised for 210 days, the pork meat is has the right amount of fat and sweetness, with a soft and delicate texture.

Onomi steamed rice
Rice grown in Onomi village. Hinohikari or other scented rice. Hinohikari is known for it's good quality and taste even though the grain is relatively small. The fragrance of the rice is somehow nostalgic.

Special raw egg
We offer seasonal eggs:
・Columbus eggs. Brang egg of Shimanto town. Natural taste in harmony with the fragrant rice.
・Yuzu egg. Brand egg of Majimura. A somehow mysterious scent of yuzu citrus.
・Tosa Jiro egg. Brand egg of Kitagawa village. Natural egg from chicken raised in a very natural environment.

Today's dessert
To end, have a bite of our seasonal dessert.

Price(Tax included) 3980円/person

※ Menu is subject to change according to seasons.

​Booking required 5 days in advance.



We recommend you to enjoy BBQ while watching the flow of Shimanto river.
Our resort is equipped with a covered BBQ area, to spend time with family, friends or lover.
You don't know what to bring? Let us help you with our BBQ course, including BBQ pot, meat and vegetables...

The BBQ area can be used until 10pm.

Rental goods              Price (Tax included)

BBQ space                                 2200円

※ the first 2h are free for guests

Extension(per 1h)       1100円

Charcoal(1 bag)          550円

Igniting agent(1 pack)       50円

Knife & cutting board        275円

Rice cooker (aluminium)     275円

Pot                 550円

BBQ set             Price(Tax included)

4-6 people                       1650円

6-8 people                       2200円

※BBQ pot, charcoal, grill, igniting agent, lighters, plates, chopsticks, tongs included.

【BBQ courses】
Ladies course
Meat 200g
Price(Tax included) 2200円/person

Regular course
Meat 250gg
Price(Tax included) 2500円/person

Premium course
Meat 300g
Price(Tax included) 2700円/person

※ Meat, vegetables, rice, BBQ sauce, charcoal, grill, igniting agent, lighters, plates, chopsticks, tongs included.
※ Meat and vegetables menu is subject to change.

※ Booking required 5 days in advance.

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