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2 Japanese style rooms, 11 cottages, 3 Airstreams, perfect for families and groups. Feel the warmth and the fragrance of the wood.

Check-in :15:00 ~ 18:00

Check-out  :10:00


30 places (free)

Accommodation types

※ Japanese style room: can accommodate up to 4 people. WiFi included in the room.

※ Cottage: can accommodate from 2 to 12 people. No WiFi in the room.

※ Airstream: can accommodate up to 3 people. No WiFi in the room.

■Dinner■ Not included.

BBQ dinner course (meat, vegetables, rice) available for an extra 4000円 per person.

Needs to be booked up to 5 days before.

Breakfast■ Not included.

Breakfast possible for an extra 950円 per person.

Needs to be booked up to 3 days before.

※ Breakfast will be served as a T/A bento box to enjoy in your room.

Genryu no Yu spa■ Free for guests.
Groundwater from Shimanto river drawn from driving well 200m upstream. Healing bath with blended water.
<Opening Hours:15:00~21:00>

Please contact us in case of check-in time change (until 9pm).
※There are no convenience stores/restaurants/shops nearby.
※Futons are not provided for infants.

All rooms are non-smoking. Please smoke at the designated areas.

Special plans


Enjoy fireflies!

Free BBQ


Forest Adventure

500円 discount


Day camp



American Airstreams

■ Airstream

Newly open in May 2023, the first Airstream in Shikoku Island.
We offer accommodation in a new model of Airstream, the first of it's kind in Japan yet.
Stay in the Airstream, the highest peak amonf the camping trailers, and enjoy BBQ and other leisurely views of Shimanto River that flows in front of you.
Three Airstreams are lined up along the river, and each has a spacious wooden deck between the river and the Airstream.

We have 2 models of Airstreams:
・Globetrotter 23FB x1 airstream. 2 single beds + 1 sofa that can be turned into bed.
・Flying Cloud 23CB bunk x2 airstreams. Bunk bed (up: single bed, up to 68kg / down: semi-double bed) + 1 sofa that can be turned into bed.


※Onsen open only when we have guests in the cottages. Feel free to use it during business hours, but when it is closed please use the shower in the Airstream.

※Included: gas BBQ grill, toilet, shower, air conditioner, kitchen sink, fridge, microwave, kettle, towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, slippers, amenities.

If you have a pocket Wifi and an Amazon Firestick or such, you can use it on the tv.

Can accommodate up to 3 people.

Plan types
There are currently two plans for the Airstream:
・Room only (1-2 nights possible)
・Workcation plan (3-5 nights available). Use of the gym is free as a benefit of the workcation plan. Get in shape while working remote.

Cottage in the nature


Stay at a log-house style cottage; relax listening to the river and the birds.
(Cottages can accommodate up to 12 people).

Guest room
Log house built with trees from Shimanto area.

Cottages number:

* for 2 ppl: 1 cottage

* for 4 ppl: 3 cottages

* for 5 ppl: 2 cottages

* for 6 ppl: 3 cottages

* for 12 ppl: 1 cottage

・Included: air conditioner & heating, bed & bedding, kitchen sink, toilet, kettle, outlets.

・Bath & showers in the main building.

・Microwave available in the main building (from 9am to 9pm).

・Fridge available 24/7 at the BBQ areas.

​・Towels, amenities for rent/sale at the main building.

Japanese style room

Japanese room

■Guest room■

Traditional Japanese style room (8 tatami mats).

2 rooms, accommodate up to 4 people each.

Feel the warmth of the wood, looking down the clear stream flowing through the resort.

・Room service is not provided: customers are required to make the beds by themselves (blanket and pillow case are already prepared).
bathtub, toilet, air conditioner, fridge, kettle, WIFI (free), towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, dryer, slippers, amenities.

・No channels broadcasted on the TV. Needs an Amazon account to use Fire Stick and access other programs (Netflix, Hululu...)

Pajama, yukata nor provided.

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