Mini 88 temples pilgrimage
The entire journey through the 88 temples pilgrimage is about 1460 km, taking about 2 months. But the mini 88 temples pilgrimage can be done in around 2 to 3 hours for a 5 km journey. It is said that wishes will come true if you visit all statues. Near the resort, you'll find the statues 25 to 42.
Onomi village's rural scenery
Located at altitude of 300m, Onomi is 97% covered by forest, fields and rich nature, crossed by the clear Shimanto river.

Why not try cycling around? There are many sightseeing spots!
In June for about 1-2 weeks, you can enjoy the amazing view of fireflies, all around you like a fairytail!
Especially amazing at Kudarukawa and Haginaka!
Tea plantation
Takahi submersible bridge
Yusuke Aoyagi's statue
Famous mangaka born in Kochi.
Kumaaki submersible bridge
Goemon bath
Cauldron Bath
Manga shrine
Nagasawa waterfall
Shimanto river's source
Shikoku Karst
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