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Spa (guests only)


<Bathing facilities>
・Dressing area

Please note that we do not rent towels.
Bath soap, shampoo, etc. are not provided. Bottles can be rented for groups.
There is no hair dryer, so please bring your own.



<Inside the facility>
​・Training room
A day-use training room is available. For more information, please call us.
Whiteboard, screen, TV video, long desk, chairs

・Dining area
・Coin laundry


<Vending machine>
Vending machine for soft drinks at the entrance. 


You can enjoy outdoor activities too!


Open ground x2

<BBQ area>

Since the BBQ area is protected by a roof, you can enjoy BBQ without worrying about the weather. Family, friends... you can use it with in a variety of situations.There are 8 furnaces. (You can use it for cooking using a rice cooker or pot.) Available until 10:00 pm.

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