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Make your own pizza

Pizza making

Reservations will be made via email. Please enter to to the email address below to make a reservation.

No English speaker for this experience. Japanese only.

① Organization name (if any)

② Representative name

③ Desired reservation date

④ Desired time of use
⑤ Number of people
⑥ Address
⑦ Telephone number if you can speak Japanese

At a later date, the meister belonging to the Isa Stone Kiln Meister Association will discuss the details by email and decide on the content of the experience.
Usage hours 9:00 - 22:00.
In principle, it can only be used for the pizza baking experience.
Please make your reservation at least one week in advance.
If you would like to have an experience with 30 people or more, please contact us separately.
A stone oven master will teach you how to bake pizza.
You cannot use the stove by yourself.
It is available all year round, except during holidays.

Usage fee: ¥1000/person for 13 or more people; ¥10,000 in total for 12 or less people.
※ The above usage fee includes the instruction fee and ingredients fee, but firewood fee will be charged separately (¥200/bundle).
※ Bringing materials is ¥600/person (dough fee included).

Shower & bath

Goemon bath・Shower

<Bathroom equipment>
・Shower: ¥100 per time (5 minutes), 5 showers.

・Goemon baths: 3 baths
There is a charge for the Goemon bath, and it costs ¥600 yen for 2 hours including preparation and cleanup time.
Operating hours: 10:00 - 21:30
※ We do not sell firewood or charcoal, so please bring your own.
※ It takes about 1 hour to warm up. (summer)

Rental items

Rental items

<Facility use>
・Hot shower at the reception ¥100/5 minutes (9:00-22:00)
・Jisso Friend House ¥200/hour (9:00-22:00)
No air conditioning. Eating and drinking is not allowed.
・Goemon bath ¥600/2 hours. Everything from preparation to cleanup is self-service.

<Rental items>
・Rental one pole tent (large)         5-6 people ¥3,000
・Rental one pole tent (medium)   4-5 people ¥2,000
・Rental one pole tent (small)         1-2 people ¥1,000
・Tableware set                                     5 people ¥500/day
Pot, lid, frying pan, night, cutting board, knife, ladle, spatula, chopsticks, cup, 3 types of plates
・BBQ stove set                                 4-5 people ¥2,500/day
Stove, fire shears, net, charcoal, igniting agent, lighter, fan, tong for ingredients
Stove size: l 26cm x L 45cm x H 69cm
・Electric assisted bicycle                                   ¥500/2 hours.

Junior high school students and younger must wear a helmet

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