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At Nature Resort in Shimanto, we have everything you need for playing and for relaxation.

「Genryu no Yu」Spa using water from Shimanto river

「Genryu no Yu」is a Binchountan bath, premium activated charcoal that has been revered in Japan for centuries as a natural air and water purifier.

Mellowed hot water and heats the body from the core.

Free entrance for guests.

<Entrance fee>
Adult(over 12 years old)      500円
Child(over 6 years old)       300円
Infant                                      Free

<Bathing Facilities> Gender separated
Opening Hours: 15:00~21:00(20:30 last entrance)

Opens only on Saturdays in winter.

・Cold bath
・Dressing room
・Shampoo・Conditioner・Body soap
・Massage chair(extra charge)
・Bath towel rental     200円
・Hand towel sold       300円



Rental goods            Price(tax included)

Limited number of items, therefore some items may not be available for rental.
・Fishing rod with bait (1day)           1000円

・BBQ space(free for guests)     1100円 (per hour)
・Indoor game                                       300円 ✥
・Outdoor game                

・Knife + cutting board            300 ✥

・Frying pan                     300 ✥

・Rice cooker (aluminium)     300 ✥

・Pot                   300 ✥

Cassette stove (wt bottle)               1000円

Gas bottle             300円

・Grill                              110円

・Charcoal(1 kg)             550円

・Table tennis                                        500円

*」Follow us on Social Network and rent for free! Please ask staff for information.

BBQ set

4-5 people                                            3500円

※ BBQ stove, charcoal 1kg, grill, igniting agent, lighter, plates, chopsticks, tongs included.

※ To be booked up to 2 days before.

<Opening Hours> 9:00 ~ 18:00
(Please contact us in advance for late check-in. Possible until 21:00)

Check-in :15:00 ~ 17:00


* We speak:Japanese, English, French
* Free WIFI(main building only)

Garbage disposal

Please bring back home your garbage.
If you paid the garbage disposal fee at the reception desk of the main building, please separate the garbage generated during your stay and place it in the trash can storage area on the left side of the main building.

Garbage disposal fee      500円

Gym area


Enjoy the free gym area!
​Available hours: 9:00-21:00

​Fitness mirror
There is an additional charge of 500 yen for 30 minutes for the fitness mirror.
Train with an online coach in yoga, dance, golf, weight training, and more!



Watch the river flows while enjoying a BBQ. The BBQ area is covered, so you don't need to worry about the weather! Spend a precious and happy time with people you care.

Too much trouble bringing everything? Try our BBQ course: we get everything ready for you!

The BBQ area can be used until 10pm.

Rental goods              Price (Tax included)

BBQ space(free for guests)        1100円 (per hour)

Charcoal(1 kg)             550円

Igniting agent(1 pack)           50円

Knife & cutting board        300円

Rice cooker (aluminium)     300円

Pot                 550円

BBQ set             Price(Tax included)

4-5 people                                         3500円

※BBQ stove, charcoal 1kg, grill, igniting agent, lighters, plates, chopsticks, cups, tongs included.

※Booking required up to 2 days before.

BBQ course
Price 4000円/person

※ Meat 300g, vegetables 5 types, white rice, BBQ sauce, charcoal 1kg, grill, igniting agent, lighters, plates, chopsticks, cups, tongs included.
※ Meat and vegetables menu is subject to change.

※ Booking required 5 days in advance.

※ Minimum 2 people.



The restaurant being closed for an indefinite period, breakfast will be served as a take away bento box to enjoy in your room.

Japanese style
Grilled fish, pickles, rice, tamagoyaki, sausage, salad, miso soup, hot drink (instant coffee and tea).
Price 950円/pers

※ Booking required 3 days in advance)
※ Menu is subject to change.

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