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For those who do not need meals, this is a great value plan for a Japanese-style room in the main building.

■Guest room■
2nd floor: 2 training rooms, 2 bathrooms (large/small)
3rd floor: 3 accommodation rooms
All rooms are air-conditioned.
We will prepare a futon for you.
There are no toilets or baths in each room. Please use the shared one.

・We ask that you lay out your own futon. Sheets and pillowcases are attached and prepared in a folded state.
・Please be sure to contact us if you will be checking in after the scheduled time.
・There is no shop on the island. The nearest convenience store is "Yamazaki Daily Store Yuge" before boarding the ferry.
・We do not provide futons and meals for infants.
・The entire main building is non-smoking. Please smoke in the designated smoking area.

For questions and bookings, please contact us.

Nature Resort in Uoshima
TEL 0897-78-0020
Business hours 9:00~17:00

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